Come Experience the Joy of Music

Program Information

Sheet MusicPersonal Instruction

Lessons range from 15 to 60 minutes. I use various methods depending upon the level and abilities of the student . Along with personal instruction, I also incorporate musical games, flash cards and singing to make lessons more fun.
Available Openings: See a list of of open times for personal instruction.

Technology-based Learning

Technology-based learning is offered in addition to personal instruction. Here students are able to enhance their musical skills through programs and activities that educate and test their abilities in rhythm, pitch and theory.

Studio Classes

Studio classes are offered as a supplement to personal instruction. Studio classes are held on a weekly basis and last 30 minutes. They provide an opportunity to learn piano technique, artistry and theory with other students of the same level. This is a wonderful chance for students to meet and learn with their fellow pianists and also hear them perform.

Grand PianoRecitals

Recitals are held every Spring. Students are not required to participate; however, they are strongly encouraged to share their talents with friends, family, and other students.

Master Classes

Master classes are held every quarter. This allows students to prepare for performances, competitions, and recitals, while providing a positive, learning experience where students. Master classes are at no additional cost.